Learnboost Lesson Planner (reviewish)

The prior three posts are an attempt to explore the capabilities of the Learnboost lesson planning system at https://www.learnboost.com. Overall, I’ve been pretty impressed so far, though I have run into a few bugs that have resulted in time outs during web page loading (when trying to share to wordpress). I haven’t put the Learnboost system through its full paces as yet, but it appears to be extensive in what it covers (including the ability to add standards). All in all, not bad!


2 thoughts on “Learnboost Lesson Planner (reviewish)

  1. April Lola says:

    I am impressed! There were so many details and interesting aspects to your lesson. I think youre going to make a wonderful teacher if that’s the direction you are going. You seem very creative. I loved your idea! Good work.

  2. nutnut68 says:

    Awesome job. You are very detailed. This website could be very useful for u.

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