You don’t know Jill

Though I’ve said my identity before on this blog, and it’s true that you may know my name, it’s also true that you don’t know “me”. To be clear, I don’t know me. Who I am is on the path of who I will become, as it is with each of us. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

That said, I realize there is a very real human connection that exists outside of the clouded webs, perpetuated by instances of shared electrical patterns, or thought. As you read these words, we walk together down the same synaptic path, our identities merged in fleeting moments of time. This effect is even more profound when you remove the concept of time (and let’s never forget: time is a concept)¬†from the equation, enabling the realization that when you read a dead author’s words, you read them with the minds of every brain that ever traced the same electrical route.

Energy is never destroyed, nor created, after all.

We may not know each other, you and I. But with our magical brains and eusocial hearts we share something special.


To you, who sees this now.

You have the ability to live a wonderful life of good health and fulfillment, thanks to the advancements your ancestors have made. You also have the ability to bugger it up completely, one way of which would be by ignoring common sense and indulging freely in what mass media conveys (to the exclusion of anything else).

You can be aware of how essential minerals and vitamins affect you, and why they are considered essential on a daily basis. If you live north of Virginia, and don’t take a vitamin D supplement, you are most likely Vitamin D deficient. Being outside on a 24 hour basis would not provide the amount of vitamin D our physiological makeups are accustomed to, originating closer to the equator, where we lived for a very long time. Vitamin D helps us heal, mentally and physically. It helps us sleep.

Potassium is critical to nerve function, muscle function, and breathing capacity, and the more sodium you consume, the more potassium you need. Every single day. Our modern diets have huge amounts of sodium with no countering potassium to help us maintain a PH balance, and this should be remedied. If you struggle with breathing, nerve spasms, muscle cramps, depression, or sleep apnea, it may simply be because you need more potassium. Happily, this is a very quick thing to remedy– consuming a salty lunch and the irritable, hot feeling that comes afterward can be immediately countered by having something with potassium in it (coffee — preferably decaf, to avoid caffeine, tea, orange juice, a banana, or go right to the source and mix some salt substitute like Nosalt with water and drink 1/4 tsp or so).

These small adjustments done in consideration of your marvelous human meat bag will make every day that much easier to live– and free you to become as fulfilled as you ought to be.