Pornography and the myth of females

Indulge me for a moment as we talk about that rather garish pink elephant: pornography. How does it affect our modern perception of women?

Consider this:

There may be a handful of female pornographers, but that industry is ultimately a male enterprise: created by males to service males at the expense of women.

Whereas the males that are present in pornography are typically depicted with a strong male essence (essence in the Aristotelian sense, or the one thing that best defines the concept– in this case, power), the females that are depicted do not embody a strong female essence (they do not depict empowered nurturers of the future of humanity). Yet these are the women who are guiding our sons and daughters into their lifelong perceptions of sexuality (barring introspective therapy).

Too often, this is the only example of sexuality they have to learn from, and it is one that is often accompanied by the feeling of shame. Any form of sexual release that is attached to shame is incorrect– and we need to know that there is a pure version out there. Otherwise we lose touch with the potential of our most intimating ability, our most effective reassurance of the bond between us and our partner.

Fairy tales are not real, but their messages become reality.

Control the Carnality of your reality.


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