Chronomancy and its Importance

It is true that one of the most important masteries we can strive for is that of time “control”. (Remember: you control your perception.)

We should therefore attempt to understand two things:

  • Time does not exist. We can experience all points of time at once with extrasensory expansion. Emotions are not bound by time. As an example, consider this scenario: Your beloved has left on a trip. You may feel loss and longing. However, when time is removed from perception, she has already returned to you, and you can draw strength from that moment (as all moments exist at once).
  • We can suspend “time”. We can stay in the “present” moment by enacting a state of perpetual meditative thinking. By doing so in all moments, all moments are accessible for reflection. This can be accomplished not by withdrawing into one’s mind, but by releasing the restrictions your active mind inadvertently sets into place (by wondering about bills, or what’s on the TV, or what’s for dinner). Instead, put your entire focus into only that which you can sense in your immediate surroundings, be it your bedroom, your office, or the bus. Listen. Look.

This is your time.



Age does not define adulthood

Different people experience and assimilate reality at different paces. This is one step in the understanding of the illusory allure of “time”.

An extreme example of this is someone that enters a coma in their youth and reawakens when they are 30. They have had much fewer experiences than the average 30 year old, let alone the opportunity to reflect and adapt to those experiences.

Rates of assimilation are based on reflection of self and environment. As our rate of reflection decreases (negatively correlated with our media consumption), our experiences become more meaningless and our opportunities for refining our thought patterns (gaining wisdom) are lost. We perpetually reset into the last “solid” mental framework we had– typically the early adolescent, where development of self is too frequently hijacked by media obsession.

Growing in your strength and fiber as a person does not stop at any point. Trees do not halt their growth. They continually reinforce their trunks and roots, all while reaching for the stars.